Africa Rising, layered figures, rising above the ground, and moving forward in harmony
The starting point for this installation was one single image, an old sketch of a woman, which I did some 20 years ago.

Out of this single image, a multitude of new, 26, repeated images, composed of scraps of mirrors were produced and glued on wire mesh and mounted in layers. This repeated pattern has been constructed to form similarity and yet, every figure has its own unique individuality. Transparency is fundamental in this piece.

The main medium, the reflective glass mirror takes in its surroundings and integrating the environment as part and parcel of the installation, giving the work constantly changing look within the frame of the existing image. Here, the viewer becomes part of the artwork.

To me, this movement, that we are all participating in, is like a dance and dance and work are intertwined and interweaved in our culture.

Working and dancing together in unity and harmony, and moving forward are vital for our development and it is this concept that I am attempting to communicate.

Elizabeth Habte Wold
May 2013